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The process of improving your website in an attempt to to increase its ranking for relevant searches. In order to achieve this we need to help search engines to connect and understand your website. They can’t do it on their own. We help them do it by speaking in a language they understand.

The right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and practice can make or break a business online.

Google ranking or SEO is important simply because users trust and rely heavily on search engines. Essentially it is the number one place they go to find whatever they need.

In modern days the most popular search engines have reduced the ability for people to trick search results as much as possible. They are doing their best to keep the search results fair. So that the sites appearing on the top positions are practically those deserved to be there. Being able and easy to find on search engines is now as much of a marketing necessity as having a strong presence in traditional media.

+ Connection

More than 60% online journey starts with search engines.

+ Trust

More than 1/3 of people who use a search engine click the 1st result.

+ Exposure

60% of clicks on the search results page go to the top 3 listings.

+ Website Traffic

20× more traffic opportunity than paid advertisements on both mobile and desktop.

+ Quality

Organic traffic can snowball over time. Whereas paid search lives on your continuous feeding (of funds) to draw traffics to your website. Once you stop, it stops.

+ Foot Traffic from Nearby Customers

Businesses with brick-and-mortar outlets can target and improve foot traffics from searches performed by nearby customers with Local SEO.

+ Global Business

Following International SEO best practices helps your business to unleash its full potential to achieve global success.

SEO Best Practices

What are the truly best SEO tips that’ll lead to results?

With so many different techniques and scenarios, it is impossible to determine which ones work best and which ones you can safely ignore. Some basic rules will remain unchanged though. For example, choosing the right keywords is still going to be one of the most important piece of puzzle in a successful SEO implementation.

To begin with, we should first focus on the following best practices. These are the SEO best practices that you should stick to no matter what you do.


Proper Keyword Search

Find the RIGHT keywords to target. These are those words or phases your target audiences use when they look for your products or information online. Then you can integrate them into your copywriting to make your website more relevant.

Good Technical SEO

Users like fast websites, and so do search engines. A slow and unresponsive website is less likely to be recommended by them.

High Quality Contents

By quality contents we mean contents that are easy-to-read and understand, and that they must be useful, compelling and valuable.

A Great User Experience (UX)

A solid site structure and clear layout will make your site more easy to navigate. No one would like to use a site that’s confusing and difficult to use.

Mobile Optimization

Web access via mobile phones has more than tripled over the past decade. Make sure to research how your website works on mobile devices and optimize the mobile user experience.


Providing a secure environment for you and your users is important for your trustworthiness.

A Solid Social Media Strategy

Invest in a solid social media strategy in order to create buzz for your website and garner attention. It does not just help you reach more people, it helps your website rank, too.


Last but not least, you have to optimize your site’s accessibility so that everyone can use it and enjoy, even if they’re older adults or visually impaired.
SEO Strategy

FREE SEO Guide: Implementing a Holistic and Sustainable SEO Strategy

The goal of search engines is to help people to find what they are looking for

Making your website and your SEO strategy fit this goal is always the right thing to do.

To gain a better insight, download and read our FREE SEO Guide: Implementing a Holistic and Sustainable SEO Strategy.

Along with some useful tips, this brief guidebook gives readers a quick walk-through on how to, step by step, develop and implement a holistic and sustainable SEO marketing strategy. It is a long-term strategy that does not just get your website a top spot on the search results page, but also stands the test of time and future algorithm updates.

Looking for SEO Services in Hong Kong? Drop us a line!

Being a top SEO agency based in Hong Kong, we provide a full suite of services that brings more traffics to your website and gets it a spot on the 1st search results page.

SEO Services Hong Kong

01. SEO Audit

We will check and provide a complete list of technical errors that might have been dragging your website from getting the top spot on search engines.

02. Technical Fine-Tuning

We will help fix all the identified technical errors of your websites to make right its SEO friendliness.

03. Keyword Research

You don’t just pick up any random keywords to target based on your likes or hunches. We’ll help you to build your target keywords list with skills and tactics.

04. Copywriting

Our network of partner copywriters and videographers can help you create fresh, original and relevant contents to target your audiences.

05. Website Design

It is one of our specialties to create and deliver world class UX/ UI for web and IT projects.

Find out more about our Website Design and Development Services.

06. Page Optimization

The structure of every target page/ keyword will have to be updated in the website for optimal rendering and indexing by search engines.

07. Readability Review

Readability is a ranking factor. We’ll give you tips for improvement and suggest whether somewhere needs a second look.

08. Periodic Ranking Report

Periodic ranking reports present the opportunity for us to review, adjust plan and improve the SEO performance on a regular basis, both on a competitor side and internally. You know exactly how things are going.

Having some burning questions about the hows and whys of SEO!? Check out our frequently asked SEO questions (SEO FAQs).

Read our blog post SEO FAQs: The Top 10 SEO Questions New Clients Ask for answers to some of the most frequently asked SEO questions we hear.

Back to the SEO Basics

Knowing the basics of SEO can certainly help you to decide and succeed

Still most business owners and managers have a very limited understanding of Google ranking/ SEO. Please read our post SEO 101: Behind the SEO Scene. You will know why SEO really matters and what people and talents are needed to devise and implement a successful SEO strategy.