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A mobile app does not just provide customers, partners and staff easy access to your business. Increasingly mobile apps are becoming marketing tools. The steady use of company apps over time helps businesses to develop brand and teamwork.

At the center of this revolution, we’re always on the mission to create something that people will not just find usefulnesses, but wonders and surprises.

Mac Catalyst

Your iPad app can be made into an excellent Mac app

World-class UI/ UX for you mobile app

We may only have one chance to make a good first impression. It can either retain or dismiss a customer. To make the customers happy with your app, the app must be lag-free, enjoyable to use, and helping them to complete their task easily.

UI and UX stands for User Interface and User Experience respectively. By definition User Interface is a human-first approach to designing the aesthetic experience of a product, whereas User Experience is a a human-first approach to product design.

Puzzled!? Well, ok, that’s not your problem. Let’s rephrase them in simple terms that everyone understands. They are simply asking, ‘How happy the users are with your app?’

Why do we care? If the users are happy, they will stick, engage more, convert more, and spend more. On the other hand, if the app is confused and difficult to use, the users might just leave and delete it.

As a top-notch mobile app developer in Hong Kong, we do not just make your app work, we make it shine! We’ll guide you through the right path to create a world-class UI/ UX for your app that delivers a WOW experience.


Know your users

Clearly identify and define your target users before the app development starts. Analyze and find out their goal, problems, and what they need to accomplish with the app. It will help to sort out what features and contents will be useful or not.

Onboarding strategy

The first few seconds experience of the user with the app is called On-boarding Experience. The app needs to be able to grab the user’s attention and respond quickly. It is very crucial for attracting and retaining first-time users.

Less is more

Known as the Minimalist approach in app development, its underlying principle is that the app needs to be extremely functional, simple and direct. Literally there is no learning curve or guess-work for any users to master and get the most out of it.

Suitable layout & colors

Layout and colors have a psychological impact on the users’ mind. The layout must be clear and clutter-free. Colors are not just selected to increase appeal, but also help to classify the data/ actions under different sections.

High degree of personalization

The apps needs to deliver a ‘Made for me only’ experience. The app should offer information that is specifically made according to the user’s preference or need. Thereby uplifting the feel-good factor of the user.

Future proof

The digital landscape is constantly changing. Yet the app needs to stay relevant for a period of time. So constant monitoring of the latest UI/ UX trends is necessary to refine and update the app over time to optimize its user experience.

Reputable Mobile App Development Services in Hong Kong

In regardless of the project size, a mobile app development is going to be a major investment for your company. Besides monetary resources used to cover the development cost and any other costs such as outsourced tasks or travel expenses, extra works have to be carried out by the key personnels for the smooth running and completion of the project. The management and the staff must be fully committed. What you need for a mobile app development project is more than merely a team of experienced programmers for coding.

No matter the final product is a consumer oriented app or an enterprise-class solution, at Wavyos Technologies, being a renowned mobile app development service provider, we have an incredible track record of delivering innovative mobile applications across multiple industries.

Our full suite of mobile app development services includes:

  • Native Custom iOS and Android app development
    • iPhone, iPad, App Clip *, Apple Watch and Apple TV app development
    • Android Mobile, Android Tablet, Android Instant App, Android TV and Android Wear app development
    • WeChat Mini Program
  • Hybrid app development
  • Research and Competitive Analysis
  • User Requirement Analysis
  • Scoping & Planning
  • Documentation/ Project Management/ Periodic Reporting
  • UI/ UX Design
  • Proof of Concept, Prototyping & Application Development
  • Quality Assurance (QA) & User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Launch Strategy
  • Maintenance and on-going support/ upgrade

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